Dynamic Optimization & Operations Management Lab

Current Students


Aloagbaye Momodu, Ph.D. Candidate

Research: Optimal stopping, Optimal stopping games with applications in financial derivatives, Markov Decision Processes and robust optimization

Email: alo.momodu@mie.utoronto.ca


Peng Liu, Ph.D. Pre-Candidate

Research: Stochastic optimal control and mathematical finance. Algorithmic trading, the pricing and hedging of financial assets, time series, stochastic modeling, dynamic portfolio selection and financial applications of machine learning.

Email: pliu@mie.utoronto.ca

Babatunde Halar Giwa, Ph.D. Pre-Candidate

Research: Markov decision processes, Inverse reinforcement learning, Policy gradient optimization

Email: baba.giwa@mail.utoronto.ca

Amine Mohammad Aboussalah, Ph.D. Pre-Candidate

Research: Reinforcement learning and machine learning; Markov decision processes. 

Email: amine.aboussalah@mail.utoronto.ca

Michael Gimelfarb, Ph.D. Candidate

Research: Markov decision processes; Reward shaping and Bayesian learning

Email: mike.gimelfarb@mail.utoronto.ca

Danish Anis, Ph.D. Pre-Candidate

Research: Digital twin

Email: danishanis10@hotmail.com

Kuilin Chen, Ph.D. Pre-Candidate

Research: Digital twin 

Email: kuilin.chen@mail.utoronto.ca

Di Zhang, Ph.D. Pre-Candidate

Research: Multi-agent reinforcement learning 

Email: dzhang@mie.utoronto.ca

Arthur Sokol, Ph.D. Pre-Candidate

Research: Supply chain optimization for spare parts



Jian Gao, Master of Applied Science

Research: Markov decision processes, Multi-armed Bandit Problem 

Email: kevin.gao@mail.utoronto.ca





Dr. Sajjad Najafi 2016 Post-doctral Fellow, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Dr. Jue Wang  2013  Assistant Professor, Smith School of Business, Queen’s University
Dr. Kevin Ferreira  2012  Data Scientist, Bell Canada
Dr. Oleksandr Shlakhter  2009  Senior Health Operations Researcher, Alberta Health Services
Dr. Jun Liu  2008  Model Developer, Ontario Power Generation
Dr. Nasser Jaber  2008  Assistant Professor, American University Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates
Dr. Zhong Ma  2008
Dr. M. Mahdi Tajbakhsh  2007  Vice President, Mizrahi Developments; Formerly Assistant Professor, Dalhousie University
Dr. Kevin Doyle  2006
Dr. M.I.M. Wahab  2006  Associate Professor, Ryerson University


Ms. Li Liu 2017
Mr. Jeffrey Pak 2016 Bell Canada
Mr. Minho Lee  2015  Canada Pension Plan
Ms. Ruoqio Wang  2014  Procurement Analyst, Western Foods
Mr. Mark Michael  2014  Ph.D. student, ECE, University of Toronto
Ms. Yifang Liu  2013  Intern, BlackRock, Multi-Asset Strategies
Mr. Zhengqin Zeng  2013  Manager, Global Risk Management, Scotiabank
Mr. Johnny Tam  2011  CIBC
Mr. Nick Yeung  2010  Ph.D. student, University of Toronto
Mr. Kevin Ferreira  2006  Bell Canada
Ms. Daphne Snickers  2005  Senior Methodologist, Cancer Care Canada
Mr. Iman Hajizadeh  2004  COO, Blanclink
Mr. Zhong Ma  2003